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Most personal trainers grow up playing a plethora of sports. Not this girl. It wasn’t until I saw Angela Bassett’s arms in the 1993 film, “What’s Love Got to Do with It”, that I fell in love with the idea of fitness, and yearned for that physique. My initial interest in fitness may have developed from a place of vanity, however the more time I invested, the more I learned about the amazing health and wellness benefits associated with an active lifestyle.

Eventually, I built up the courage to hire a personal trainer to help me achieve my goals. The certified trainer educated, motivated and inspired me. From this experience, I decided that I wanted to inspire and assist others to achieve their own fitness and health goals, regardless of their fitness level or background, and that is why I founded Body Envy, an in home personal training business in the Greater Toronto area.

Once in a lifetime!

Once in a lifetime!


Personal Achievements:

  • Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • Certified CANFITPRO Personal Trainer

  • Certified CANFITPRO Fitness Instructor

  • Certified Reebok Spinning Instructor

  • Certified Older Adult Specialist (OAS)

  • TWIST BOSU and Resistance Certification

  • 2nd Place- OPA Figure Short Champion



Trudie German founded Body Envy in 2010, and continues to grow her team. Body Envy serves a wide range of clients, offering in home and mobile personal training services across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) — whether you need a personal trainer at your office, home or condo.

We specialize in various forms of high intensity interval training (HIIT), which focuses on the intensity of your workout, as opposed to the length. This method helps your body develop heart, muscle and cardio strength, as well as burns more calories after the exercise (even up to 48 hours later!).

We pride ourselves on custom-designed programs for our clients, and high-quality service.

Body Envy area

Body Envy serving all the way from Toronto to Oakville Canada (click for a bigger map)

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