Welcome to the 28 Day Bikini Body Envy program! You can access each day by clicking the links in the above menu. It includes videos of each of the exercises in the plan.

The program also includes a PDF nutrition guide with a full meal plan and recipes, one for regular diets and the other for vegetarians.

With this program you will learn how to live a healthy, balanced life, where you will be the envy. So get started now!


Before And After Your Exercises

Please remember to do your Warm Up Exercises before you begin your workouts, and your Cool Down Stretches after your workout. Use the links in the menu to access them.


Nutrition Guide

Click the link below to download the printable PDF nutrition guide and meal plan.

Bikini Body Envy Nutrition Plan For Regular Diets

Bikini Body Envy Nutrition Plan For Vegetarian Diets

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