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Here is a new set of the top questions clients have asked me!


I like to train first thing in the morning. I usually have fruit such as a banana prior to training and I’ve noticed that, halfway through my workout, I start to feel extremely nauseous. Any idea as to why this is happening?


Great work on getting up early to train before your day begins! A few things could be happening here. Your body may not have had enough time to digest before kicking into training mode. My suggestion, try to wait a little longer between your meal and workout. Definitely stick to grabbing a fruit prior to training though, as it will fuel your body with the energy it needs to train efficiently. Another thought, try preparing a smoothie instead. Have half prior to training and then the other half afterwards.


I’ve been keeping a food journal lately and I notice that everyday around 3PM and then later again around 8PM, I usually “treat” myself to something sweet like candy or cupcakes. Any suggestions?


It’s great that you have been keeping a journal. Monitoring your daily habits will help minimize mindless eating and also help you notice trends (like this one). Candy or cupcakes contain processed sugar, which basically sends you on a “high” and then makes your body crash right after. You’ll seek out sweets again to get your body back on that “high” again. Try having some fruit around the same time instead. The natural sugar found in fruit doesn’t hit blood’s glucose levels as strongly as processed sugars do. This will help you feel a little more balanced and minimize future cravings. Keep in mind that you’ll need to wean your body off of sugar over a period of time, in order to stop the cravings entirely.


I enjoy running (both indoors and outdoors) but lately my knees have started to hurt after my running sessions. Any suggestions on other fun and effective cardio workouts?


While running can be fun, it certainly can be taxing on the joints. Effective cardio alternatives would be taking a spinning class or using a rowing machine. Both options offer an intense cardio session while being very low impact on your knee joints.

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