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  • I'm an avid runner and Trudie was quickly able to identify and isolate problem areas I was having with my running. She tailored a specific strength training plan for me, and since then my race times have improved enormously and I'm now staying injury-free....which is vitally important as I get closer to my senior years! Trudie is patient, supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and above all takes a genuine interest in my fitness goals. Thank you Trudie!"

    Clive, Engineer
  • Trudie is an amazing trainer. She motivates and pushes you in a positive manner. Not too much but, just enough. I would go to the gym not in the 'mood' to work out and leave feeling energized and feeling good about my accomplishment. I would recommend Trudie to anyone who is looking to lose weight or just get back in shape. She'll kick your butt. Plus she gives great advice on diet tips and what to do when you're not in the gym'. You won't regret hiring Trudie as your trainer.

  • My experience with Trudie was fantastic. I play sports and have worked out for many years, but I never knew how to train my body properly. When I started working with Trudie - all of that changed! Trudie helped me target certain aspects of my body (my back, and of course, my glutes!) and made each workout fun and challenging. She always motivated me and made sure I was always using the proper technique. I would recommend Trudie to anyone looking for a great workout - she kicks butt!

    Janessa, Personal Relations
  • Like every bride-to-be, I wanted to look my best on the big day. After just four months, with Trudie’s training and coaching, we managed to transform my body into a mean, lean workout machine. Before Trudie I used to dread going to the gym and was the first person in the checkout line with my store-bought lunch. Now, I look forward to my sessions in the gym with her and have committed myself to regular workouts and a nutritious meal plan. She even calls me from time to time just to make sure I’m sticking to my program. Trudie is extremely professional, accountable and knowledgeable. She is also one of the most kind-hearted, funny, down-to-earth people I have ever met. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the progress I’ve made under her guidance. I would recommend Trudie to anyone looking to improve their fitness and well-being. She is the best personal trainer I could have asked for.

    Heather, Personal Relations


Whether you want to tone, reduce body fat or increase your endurance, Trudie German and her team will ensure you achieve your fitness goals with a customized program tailored to your needs.

Live in the Toronto or Mississauga area? Book a complimentary one-on-one assessment with Trudie today. Your body is waiting.



7 Ways To Meal Prep!

Have you ever been scrolling through the gram on a Sunday afternoon and see just about every other fitness influencer “meal prepping” for their week?  I mean they appear so happy and enthusiastic about it, meanwhile you’re still trying to figure out what you’re having for dinner this evening, let alone the rest of the […]

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A few years ago my sister and I were visiting one of our brothers (we have 4 brothers) and my sister hopped on the scale to check her weight and was disappointed with the reading. She told me to hop on and I quickly replied, “no boo, the scale don’t measure sexy” and we burst […]

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7 Ways To Be Fit & Healthy During The Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of year! I mean more time with your loved ones, holiday parties, gifts and eggnog!  All are fun for sure. All these festivities can also mean less time for you to continue your regular health and fitness regime, even for the most motivated amongst us. Try these tips to help […]

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10 Gift Ideas For The Fit Chick On Your List!

Can you believe it’s almost that time of the year already? The time where we create our list and check it twice…Christmas gift list that is! As a chick in fitness and one who lifts, I’m always amazed when my friends and family claim they don’t know what to get me as gifts 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️. I [...]

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5 Self-Care Tips To Survive the Holidays!

“Self-care Sunday” is one of those terms that seems to be a new trend on IG. I’m personally not a fan because self-care isn’t something we should practice once a week, heck it’s needed DAILY. As much as it’s needed daily, the reality is, most of us don’t practice it daily, because we either don’t think […]

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5 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Sugar

You can’t live without it? You can’t control yourself? The more you get, the more you want? You need it in the morning, noon and night? You always need a fix! A sugar fix that is! Of course, it can be hard to resist all those sweet treats, and here in North America we are […]

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11 Ways Stress Affects Your Body!

At some point or the other we’ve all been there… feeling stressed, getting irritated at everyone, unable to concentrate, or just feeling like a hot mess. Our moods, thoughts, attitudes and bodies may be affected by stress which can be a threat to our health. When we are placed under pressure the result maybe stress, […]

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