Why This Program
Most fitness programs expect you to go from 0 to 100 instantly. They require way too much, way too fast. That is a recipe for disaster and just sets you up for failure.

The Difference
The 30 Day Abs Jumpstart is different. It is designed to increase your confidence and build your will power step by step, so that you don’t lose focus or get overwhelmed.

How It Works
Each day in the program I will provide motivation, and challenge you to perform different activities that you can complete to get quick wins.
Here is what you get:

✅ Daily Motivation

✅ Daily Activities that you can complete to get quick wins.

✅ Activities are designed to get you accustomed to working out and improving your nutrition.

✅ With every quick win you will build the confidence needed to complete the next activity.

✅ The difficulty of each activity will gradually increase.

✅ Before you know it, you will become accustumed to doing the workouts and making smart nutritional choices.

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